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Monthly self-improvement book subscription!


Choose between 5 different categories of self improvement and we will find the best fit books for you!

Rewards Program

Gain rewards like special gifts and discounts for reading, reviewing, and referring friends.

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Receive monthly emails with videos, articles, and other resources for your personal development journey.

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What is Book Grind?

Book Grind is a monthly book subscription providing a hand-curated package of personalized self-improvement books to your door. Every month you will receive 1-2 self-improvement books that reflect the categories you choose. Our books ship out the 4th of every month!

How It Works

1. Choose book plan

Choose how many  books you'd like to receive.

2. Set Book Preferences

Choose between five different categories of self-improvement

3. Delivered to your door

Enjoy your personalized books, content emails, and rewards.

What's included?

Included in your monthly package is 1-2 self improvement books based upon the category of self-improvement you choose. 

Along with the books you will receive content emails every month filled with the most up to date information from the top mentors in your market. 

You will also have access to our rewards program which rewards you for reading, reviewing, and referring friends.